Monday, May 5, 2008

El Toro by Air

05 May 2008: Today we thought we'd try something new and take some aerial pictures of the El Toro Marine Base. We recently took a short flight overhead the base and got to see a whole different perspective of El Toro. Our Marine fighter pilots must have had a similar view while flying overhead.

El Toro by Air - 01/12/08 01

Above you can see a majestic view of MCAS El Toro nestled beneath the Santa Ana Mountains in the foreground, with the snow-capped Angeles Mountains seen in the background. This photograph is looking to the northwest, showing the mainside El Toro area below.

El Toro by Air - 01/12/08 03

Here is the same picture above, but with a close-up on the base. You can see the Main Gate to the left and Trabuco Rd. coming across the picture through the Base HQ in the below-center. The barracks, PX, and other service buildings are shown in the upper part of the picture.

El Toro by Air - 01/12/08 04

You may have forgotten which building is which, well don't worry, we've taken the liberty to identify some of the buildings in the picture. As you can see from these photographs, El Toro has changed quite a bit; however many of the base's important and historic landmarks are still present.
[Note: Make sure to click on the pictures if you would like to see them in a larger size]

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