Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter Storms

28 January 2008: After a record drought season in 2007, Southern California started the new year by exceeding last year's entire rainfall amount (with the help of three consecutive rain storms). As you may have guessed, MCAS El Toro is thoroughly drenched from the constant pounding of rain. The above picture gives you an idea of nearby weather conditions as you approach the main gate.
Winter Storms - 01/28/08 02
As you pass the gentry shack and reach the stop sign, you can immediately notice just how soaked the streets are. The continual storms did not allow for much of the water from the early storms to evaporate. Below you can take a look at the storm's dark rain clouds brewing above the base Child Development Center (left hand side), the Marine Exchange (straight ahead), and the barracks (right hand side). The raindrop down the middle of the photo attests to ongoing downpour.
Winter Storms - 01/28/08 03

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