Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MCAS El Toro General Housing - Grande Finale

11 Sept. 2007: I was taken by surprise on an overcast morning at the former El Toro Marine base as I drove by the old general housing community. I was shocked to see that nearly all the homes and the asphalt + concrete which it stood beneath had all been razed. Note I say "nearly" here because one lone home still stood bravely all along amidst a sea of dirt and rubble (see above).

What really took me off guard was just how fast everything was uprooted and demolished. It may have been just a little over two weeks ago when I last passed through and noticed the homes and streets looking only somewhat untouched. As I gazed at the surreal sight on that somber morning, I reminded myself of the 9-11 attacks (which had passed exactly six years ago) and the countless number of Marines and their families that are enduring the two wars that are currently being fought overseas.

MCAS El Toro General Housing - 09/11/07 - 03

MCAS El Toro General Housing - 09/11/07 - 02

MCAS El Toro General Housing - 09/11/07 - 04

Note: These photos were taken on 09-11-2007 of the El Toro base general housing project, located directly behind the base's commanding officer's office, just to the right of the base's Main Gate entrance. I will try to post some older pictures of the same area to get a better idea of how it looked while it was still there.

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Stewart said...

There must have been a reason why those houses were demolished. Were the families living there relocated to a new place? Hope they had a better place to stay. Anyway, was it because it was located close to the Main Gate entrance it was demolished?